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What If?

What if you could remove the obstacles standing in the way of your business or career success?  Things like weak cash flow, employee & customer loyalty, debt and legal challenges. Or, landing that interview or raise?  Praybizz helps you knock down those roadblocks while advancing you toward the success and increase you desire.

Praybizz is established at that intersection where faith & commerce come together.  And we help you apply God’s principles of Kingdom Come On Earth accelerating all aspects of your business or profession.  We’ve seen tremendous success, even miracles,  for those who retain my team of professional intercessors. We help you put more of God in your business so God can put His business in you!

After six great years proving the concept and collecting countless success stories we want to equip you to achieve your dreams too.  Our passion is bringing God into the workplace and we bring Him in through the business of prayer!


Mega Shift

This one is definitely worth repeating (posted previously in 2016). In his culture-defying book Mega Shift  which doubles as a success manual for marketplace Christians,  James Rutz gives the following  tips on building Christian community.  I suggest that these same principles can very effectively give your business or career the edge it needs to move into God’s stream of your Kingdom assignment – –  which brings supernatural effectiveness and success. How you incorporate these points is where your unique creative genius applies!

  1. Invite a strong presence of God
  2. Lift everyone’s spirits
  3. Enable them to overcome sin in their lives
  4. Help them face and overcome their problems
  5. Teach them the whole counsel of God
  6. Empower them to do things they’ve never done before
  7. Build them into a  true team.

Imagine the possibilities when “working” in that environment!

Kingdom Wealth vs Earthly Wealth

“Just as there are two competing kingdoms in the heavenly realm – God’s and Satan’s – the same two economic systems are competing for the earth’s wealth. Psalm 24:1-2 says the the earth and its fullness belong to the Lord because He, and He alone, is the sovereign Creator.  Individuals, corporations, banks, lending institutions, markets, governments and international organizations are called to be stewards of God’s resources in order to glorify Him and to demonstrate His righteousness and justice in the earth.”  [From A Time to Prosper by Chuck Pierce and Robert Heidler.]


How Prosperity Works

When you enter into the fullness of God’s plan for your life, God begins to bring you to your land, just as He promised to do for Abraham. When you submit to His plan of prosperity for your life, He cleanses you from all idolatry and unfaithful ways.  This submission causes a heart of stone to be replaced with a heart of flesh (a tender heart to hear God).  He places His Spirit within you. He then opens doors that are linked to abundance – not just wordly abundance, but abundance of revelation to understand  who God your Creator is through His son as well as who you are. He blesses the works of your hands.  He fills you with revelation.  He gives you a boundary and says “Take dominion! Prosper on every front. Be like Nehemiah.” (In his day, Nehemiah saw Jerusalem in ruins and began to rebuild walls, restore gates, hang doors, and ready the place for a new move of worship.)  [A Time to Prosper by Chuck Pierce and Robert Heidler.]

Praybizz  helps you put more of God into your business so He can put more of His business into you.


…is the result of a quality of life that is produced by being aligned with God’s Word and will.  The meaning of the Greek word translated as “prosperity” means “there is help on the road.” Prosperity is not a fleeting moment where things all align and we have what we want.  Prosperity is an ongoing experience that is produced by thinking the way God thinks. This produces wholeness in our lives and makes things complete around us.” (A Time to Prosper by Chuck Pierce and Robert Heidler)

Align your business and career with God’s Word – – learn to think the way God thinks   – – and prosperity is sure to follow!  Praybizz helps you put more of God into your business or career so God can put more of HIS business into you!


Small business owners and career track solo’s often share a common insanity.  We keep doing the same thing expecting a different result whether it’s hiring the same kind of employee that doesn’t get the job done, using the same outdated resume and interview skills or just denying something might need to change.

Are you in that insane place of seeing patterns repeated without progressing toward increased cash flow or landing that raise or promotion?  Praybizz can help!  My team of professionals have years of experience using our unique approach toward solving these and other business and career related problems.  Let us help you achieve the goals you have set – – or get clarity toward formulating new ones.   send email to: or call 859-361-2176 (talk or text)

Deanie / Praybizz